Rosberg on Hamilton and Wolff’s alleged garage confrontation

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2016 F1 champion, and former Mercedes driver, Nico Rosberg gives his perspective on what appeared to have been a tense discussion between Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Qualifying.

As the rain started pouring more and more near the end of the Emilia Romagna Qualifying Q2, Lewis Hamilton got out of his car as it was obvious that his time cannot be improved under these conditions. This meant that Lewis would definitely be knocked out in Q2.

Immediately afterwards the cameras caught what appeared to be a tense discussion between Lewis and team boss Toto Wolff.

This naturally led to widespread speculation on what was being said, with many jumping to conclusions that there was some trouble between the two.

When asked about this after Quali, Lewis said it was “internal stuff” and chose not to disclose what was being discussed.

With speculation running rampant, Nico Rosberg, who spent seven years with Mercedes, four of which were with Wolff at the helm, was asked to give his perspective on the situation.

“It’s very difficult to know what was said,” Rosberg said.

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“If I had to speculate now, it looked to me like Toto was annoyed about something that Lewis had done, which might be understandable.

“Lewis could’ve been frustrated on the external Mercedes garage radio, that they didn’t follow his thoughts on what they should’ve done with strategy, complaining about the car or something.

“Lewis also got out of the car before Q2 over. There might be still a one per cent chance that the track is still in a good shape towards the end of qualifying, maybe Toto was angry about that.

“It just shows that the stress is starting to get there. Rather than going forward at the moment, they’re actually going backwards, almost two seconds a lap slower yesterday in qualifying.

“It was their worse qualifying in 10 years, so naturally the tension is going to build internally,” the German concluded.

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