Rosberg thinks it’s “cool” him and Hamilton are competing again

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After the first Extreme E race, Nico Rosberg says it’s great that his team competing with Lewis Hamilton’s team will draw more attention to the series.

The Formula 1 rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton from 2014 until 2016 is now legendary. The Mercedes duo fought on and off the track for three years, with Hamilton coming out on top in 2014 and 2015, and Rosberg finally managing to beat the Briton in 2016. After that Rosberg retired from Formula 1 at just 31 years of age.

However the two have renewed their rivalry in 2021, in the all-electric off-road series Extreme E. Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team and Nico Rosberg’s Rosberg X Racing (RXR) team are fighting it out at the top of the series’ inaugural season standings.

After the inaugural race in Saudi Arabia, RXR is ahead of X44 by five points. Rosberg’s team won the race, while Hamilton’s team was first in qualifying. After round one of the championship, Rosberg was asked by Sport 1 if Hamilton had congratulated him.

“No, but he probably would if he had my number,” said the German.

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“Still, how cool is that we are now competing against each other as team bosses and are also first and second in the championship? It’s funny that the duel now continues here.”

Rosberg further elaborated on the duo’s renewed competition in an interview with Sky One.

“Our teams were in duels all weekend. Sometimes his team was first, sometimes mine. It was a really big duel and in the end we were able to decide it our way, which made me very happy.

“But that will certainly continue throughout the season. The beauty of it is that the more intense our duel becomes, the more attention we can draw to the series – to the issues we are campaigning for, like fighting together against climate change.”

The next round of the championship is the Ocean X-Prix on May 29-30 in Senegal.

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