Ross Brawn explains his dismissive comments on George Russell

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Ross Brawn answered George Russell’s criticism of the sprint race by saying Formula 1 is not listening to “the opinion of anyone at the back of the grid”. Now he explains the comment.

After being stuck in a DRS train for the whole of Saturday’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Sprint Qualifying, George Russell criticised the sprint race concept and said the race itself was “processional”.

This prompted Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn to say: “I think George’s opinion, or the opinion of anyone at the back of the grid, are not the opinions we are really listening to.”

The comments seemed a bit harsh coming from a representative of the Formula 1 management, so after the main race Brawn did his best to clarify the remarks.

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“I just know from my own experience that psychologically, a driver at the back of the grid has got all sorts of other things going on,” the Briton explained.

“It would be great if there were things going on at the back but we had a Mercedes that couldn’t overtake the cars in front, but there was plenty of overtaking going on in the middle and up the front.

“Of course, we will listen. We won’t ignore it but we have to keep a perspective,” Brawn concluded.

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