Ross Brawn is amused by the controversy around DAS

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Ross Brawn says he was “amused” watching Mercedes’ innovative DAS system “from a distance” and calls it “classic Formula 1”.

The innovative system that allows a driver to change the toe angle of the front wheels by pulling and pushing the steering wheel has been the subject of discussion in the paddock ever since it was revealed on the second day of pre-season testing.

One of the main issues discussed was the system’s legality. Formula 1 managing director of motorsports and technical director Ross Brawn says these kinds of controversial innovations have been a staple of Formula 1 since the series’ inception.

“I’ve not got that engaged with it,” said Brawn.

“I’ve watched it from a distance with some amusement because it’s classic Formula 1.

“Someone’s come up with an innovation, they believe it’s correct and allowable and there’s other teams that don’t think it’s correct and allowable and the real test will come in Melbourne.

“That’s happened for time forever. And I’ve been involved in a lot of those arguments in my history so I watch with some amusement.”

However what is already known is that the system will not be allowed under new regulations that will be implemented in 2021.

“The regulations next year, because they are defined more clearly, you couldn’t run that system next year,” explained Brawn.

“The other important thing is the governance system is changing [in 2021], which will mean that even in-season there could be adjustments made to the regulations if there was a serious enough issue.”

Source: Reuters

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