Ross Brawn: “Mercedes won’t have off weekends very often”

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Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn talks about Lewis Hamilton’s public frustration with Mercedes’ strategy at the Monaco Grand Prix, but adds the team will “get over it” soon.

Lewis Hamilton had a tough time at the Monaco Grand Prix, especially considering Mercedes’ strategy gamble actually lost him two additional places in the race, and he ultimately finished in P7.

Lewis’ frustration with what has transpired could be heard over the team radio when he realized Mercedes’ attempt to undercut Pierre Gasly backfired and allowed both Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez to get ahead of him.

Ross Brawn says Lewis’ reaction seemed harsh, because he was “out of practice” in handling these situations, due to rarely having to experience them.

“Lewis was clearly agitated with the way his weekend was going in Monaco,” Brawn wrote in his column.

“And that frustration boiled over in the race, when he was unhappy with how his strategy was playing out.

“He’s a fierce competitor, so it should be expected that he will get frustrated when things don’t go his way. He has rarely had to experience this, so he’s a bit out of practice in handling these things.

“Yes, he was pretty robust but when he reflects on this weekend, I’m sure he will look at it differently.

“Mercedes and Lewis have been together for a long time – and know each other well – so they will get over it. It won’t be an issue.”

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With Valtteri Bottas having to retire from the race due to a stuck wheel nut, the end result saw Mercedes getting overtaken by Red Bull in the constructors’ championship standings, while Max Verstappen assumed the lead on the drivers’ side.

However, Brawn warns Red Bull not to expect many more “gifts” from Mercedes.

“Hamilton spent a frustrating race stuck behind Gasly’s AlphaTauri – and saw his lead evaporate in the world championship,” the Briton continued.

“His team mate Valtteri was unlucky, too. He didn’t have the best car this weekend, but he looked in good shape for a podium before the pit stop problem.

“You see that issue once in a blue moon – so he’s been very unlucky. Mercedes won’t have off weekends very often so Red Bull can’t rely on these gifts from their rivals.

“But if Red Bull are to stand a chance of winning the titles this year, it’s vital that they take their opportunities.

“And they did just that in Monaco as Mercedes struggled,” concluded Brawn.

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