Ross Brawn on Mercedes’ triumph and Hamilton’s mastery

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After Mercedes won its seventh consecutive Constructors’ Championship and surpassed Ferrari’s record, Ross Brawn gave his thoughts on the accomplishment.

Current Formula 1 managing director, motor sports and technical director Ross Brawn has a unique perspective on the accomplishment, as he was the technical director of Ferrari when the Italian team won its six consecutive constructors’ titles from 1999 until 2004. He was also Mercedes’ first team principal from 2010 until 2012, after the manufacturer returned to Formula 1.

In his column Brawn talked about Mercedes’ unprecedented success.

“Mercedes are going through a stunning period since 2014 and on Sunday, they took away a record which I was personally involved in during my time at Ferrari,” wrote the Briton.

“When you achieve those things, you know that one day it may be broken. The fact it has been broken by a group of people I know well, worked closely with and count as friends makes it more special.

“The core of the organisation is still the group that came through the Brawn GP phoenix. They deserve everything they have achieved.

“Congratulations to Toto for being such a great leader, their drivers for delivering and Mercedes for having the vision.

“Their challenge now is to maintain that consistency with the financial, sporting and technical changes that will be implemented over the next couple of years.

“These are not small changes and undoubtably have the potential to change the competitive landscape.”

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Brawn also turned his attention to Lewis Hamilton, whom he had already praised on numerous occasions.

“The great world champions win races they shouldn’t win. Sunday’s race win for Lewis at Imola was the perfect demonstration of this.

“It is unfortunate Valtteri had a problem, but you have to be there to take advantage when it happens.

“Stunning laps at end of first stint put Lewis in right place. Yes, the Virtual Safety Car played into his hands, but he was doing the job for himself anyway.

“There’s a good chance he would have come out in front of Valtteri, but if he didn’t, we would have had great battle with Lewis wearing new tyres and a prefect car.

“Mercedes had an interesting decision to make when Lewis asked them not to box him, when he found himself in free air in the lead of the race. He clearly judged he had tyres left, something that may have not been so clear on the pit wall.

“Whilst balancing a fair decision between their drivers, Mercedes also wanted to beat Verstappen, and the known damage to Valtteri’s car was also a factor.

“I think they made the right call, and while Valtteri could have felt aggrieved, with the damage he was carrying which significantly hurt his pace, he won’t feel too sore about it,” concluded Brawn.

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