RUMOUR: Mercedes to introduce ‘Phase 3’ engine on par with Ferrari and Red Bull

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Several sources are reporting that Mercedes is expected to introduce its Phase 3 power unit at the Belgian Grand Prix, after the F1 summer break.

Several sources, including the Italian website, are reporting that Mercedes is expected to introduce an updated power unit at the Belgian Grand Prix.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed by Mercedes, if true, the report sounds encouraging.

“The launch of the Phase 3 power unit is expected after the summer break,” the report read.

“This should also include the introduction of the new hybrid components and thus bring performance closer to the better performing power units of Red Bull and above all Ferrari, and would finally use full power of the 2022 unit.

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“Until now, although a step forward has been made with the second specification, the deployment has been conservative for reliability and consistency reasons.”

At the Belgian Grand Prix the FIA will also start enforcing its ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive, which will prevent certain teams, believed to be Ferrari and Red Bull, from using illegal ‘flexi-floors’.

If reports of Mercedes’ ‘Phase 3’ power unit are true, the German team could be in for a much better second part of the season.

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