Russell answers Norris: “I’m not here to play silly buggers, I’m here to win”

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Recently Lando Norris said George Russell was not as fun as he was before he joined Mercedes. George says “as you grow, you mature and things change”.

In a recent talk with the Independent, Lando Norris said his good friend George Russell has changed since he became a Mercedes driver.

“My manager, my trainer, my parents, have always tried to keep me as me, rather than try to shape me,” Norris said.

“I see other drivers get shaped more because of who they are with, the teams they are with, and I don’t think that is a good thing. It takes away their personality.

“Growing up with George for instance, was a lot of fun. He was a great person, but it is different at Mercedes – a different vibe and a different atmosphere. I just don’t see as fun a side of him.

“George is a great person, and I feel like the personality he had a few years ago, he would be even more popular,” the Briton concluded.

George, however, recently explained his alleged attitude change.

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“I think every environment is different,” George said, quoted by the The Race.

“And as you grow, you mature and things change. After three years at Williams, we were obviously fighting for every single point we could.

“But here, it’s a different story, we’re here to win, we’re here to fight for championships. And the level which every single person is working at is higher than I’ve ever seen before.

“It puts it back on you as a driver and as an individual to sort of raise your game.

“I’m not here to play silly buggers, I’m here to win,” the Briton concluded.

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