Russell says FIA’s directive is “more of a sticking plaster than the solution”

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George Russell gives further thoughts of the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ directive, and says “bigger conversations are definitely needed going forward”.

Yesterday the FIA has outlined the actions they will be taking to reduce porpoising. Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, George Russell said it is still not a long-term solution.

“It was a bumpy ride for us and many teams in Baku and obviously there have been some changes brought forward by the FIA,” the Briton said.

“So it is pleasing to see that they have been on the front foot there but we need to see if it actually makes any difference at all and then go from there.”

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George added that the new directive will impact even those cars that are not affected by porpoising the most.

“With what has been brought forward this weekend, it is more of a sticking plaster than the solution.

“Even the teams suffering the least, it is an incredibly aggressive and bumpy ride and the FIA has access to all the vertical acceleration loads going through and it is far beyond what you would expect is safe to deal with.

“So bigger conversations are definitely needed going forward and moving on from here,” Russell concluded.

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