Russell says Hamilton carries some “really intriguing” qualities

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George Russell says he won’t reveal some of Lewis Hamilton’s “really intriguing” qualities, because he’s “the only driver on this grid who has the luxury of being teammates with the greatest driver of all time”.

George Russell has had an amazing start to the 2022 season, getting better result overall than his seven-time world champion team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

In his recent appearance on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, George was asked if his positive start to the season has helped boost his confidence.

“Obviously, it’s done my confidence more good than if I started on the backfoot and if I was behind,” the Briton said.

“I think it’s been clear over the past few years [that] it’s not easy changing teams and going somewhere new when there’s already an established driver on the other side of the garage.

“At the end of the day, this is Lewis’ territory. He’s been here for 10 years, he’s won however many championships with the team, and they’ve had so much success together, so I never thought it was going to be easy.”

He was then asked if he has noticed Lewis doing anything differently.

“There are some traits that he definitely carries that a really intriguing for me,” George explained.

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“I’m not going to share those now, because I’m the only driver on this grid who has the luxury of being teammates with the greatest driver of all time.”

However, he says he will not just blindly copy what Lewis is doing.

“You’ve got probably the three greatest tennis players of all time, with three totally different approaches to their game.

“I think to be the best, or to at least be the best version of yourself, you shouldn’t go out there and copy what the best has done.

“He’s the best because he’s got the best out of himself and whatever he does works for him.

“In the world of tennis, who do you copy? Do you copy Nadal? Do you copy Federer? Do you copy Djokovic?

“Obviously in the world of motorsport there’s only Lewis for now, but that analogy made me think, ‘You just need to do what’s right for you’, as those three greats in tennis have done,” Russell concluded.

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