Russell says his battle with Hamilton was “hard, fair racing”

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George Russell says he viewed his battle with Lewis Hamilton as “good hard racing”, and there’s “nothing to discuss” with the team afterwards.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were engaged in several on-track clashes at the Japanese Grand Prix, at one point even going off the track at Spoon.

This caused Russell to complain to the team, asking “who do we want to fight here, each other or the others”, and later saying Lewis ‘pushed him off the track’.

However, after the race George said the battle between the two of them was fair, and there are no problems from his side.

“I viewed it as good hard racing,” the Briton said.

“Thankfully we were in a position to put him [Hamilton] under pressure and making the moves on him. I was happy with them, so I’ll take the positives from that.

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“The pace of the car my side I thought was quite strong considering how difficult the tyres were to drive this weekend.

“It’s just hard, fair racing. Of course we lost a bit of overall time fighting one another, and again you get a bit frustrated on the radio but it’s something that’s a part of racing.

“Both of us lost time to the cars around us. We aren’t going to give up the position easily to one another, it was still early on in the race and I had more pace but he was the car who was ahead.

“As I said, part of racing and there’s nothing to discuss [with the team]. We’ve got bigger fish to fry which is how do we make our car faster,” Russell concluded.

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