Russell says Mercedes was able to resolve testing issues “pretty easily”

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George Russell says the W14 was “working in slightly the wrong window” at the 2023 Pre-Season Test, but these issues have been resolved, so he’s now “sitting here in a more comfortable place”.

Ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, George Russell said Mercedes has successfully managed to tackle the issues they had in testing.

“We had a really good time between the test and the race to analyse what happened throughout the test,” the Briton said.

“There were a few things going on with the car that we didn’t quite expect. But we have been able to resolve them pretty easily. It was just working in slightly the wrong window.”

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George added certain changes have been made since then, and the car should be in a better place this weekend.

“For this weekend, we are running a different rear wing than in the Bahrain test, just for some correlation work.

“That wasn’t an optimal rear wing for Bahrain either. So, there’s definitely positive signs but I’m not going to sit here saying: ‘We’re going to find that lap time deficit to Red Bull.’

“But I’m sitting here in a more comfortable place than I was probably on Friday night,” Russell concluded.

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