Russell says Netflix might “make it look like I want to take away Lewis’ crown”

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George Russell says the Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ might “twist my words a little to make it look like I want to take away Lewis’ crown”.

The impact of Netflix’s docuseries ‘Drive to Survive’ on Formula 1 cannot be denied. The series has expanded the sport’s popularity across different demographics, but it is not without its detractors.

Some within Formula 1 have criticised the ‘creative licence’ the series takes when it comes to spicing up the narrative to make it more interesting.

George Russell, however, doesn’t have a problem with it.

“Netflix is important to all of us in Formula 1,” the Briton said.

“We’ve seen the sport improve over the past few years and the series has brought new fans to Formula 1.

“A lot has been said about the dramatisation but at the end of the day you want to show the sport at its best.

“As long as it has a positive impact on Formula 1, I don’t see what the problem is.”

However, Russell acknowledges that the series does take creative liberties.

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“The fact is that Lewis and I have a good relationship. In Drive To Survive, they might twist my words a little to make it look like I want to take away Lewis’ crown or something.

“But my position is different. Yes, I compete in Formula 1 and want to become world champion. That’s obvious.

“And to become world champion, I need to defeat everyone, including my teammate.”

Russell also described the dynamic between him and Hamilton at Mercedes.

“I think because we are at very different stages of our careers there is a really strong mutual respect between us.

“We both recognise our fight isn’t with each other as it may be in some other teams. For us, we both want to win but at the moment we are not in a position to be able to win.

“So we need to work together and push in the same direction to make sure our car goes faster,” George concluded.

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