Russell says Spa TD “should affect the teams that have used flexible floors”

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Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, George Russell says if Mercedes continues to progress at this pace ,”there’s nothing to stop us from fighting for victories”.

Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Auto Motor und Sport asked George Russell if he believes Mercedes could win races in 2022.

“There is great potential in this car,” the Briton said.

“The [FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’] technical directive, which will apply from Spa, should affect the teams that have used flexible floors.

“We’re getting closer and closer. Especially in the race. If we continue at this pace, there’s nothing to stop us from fighting for victories.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have the fastest car. But I think we’ll get our chance. Max may have been cruising around Paul Ricard. But we were only 10 and 13 seconds behind him respectively.

“That’s not really much. It was the first time we beat a Ferrari and Red Bull because we were faster.”

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Asked in which areas Red Bull and Ferrari are stronger than Mercedes, George said:

“It varies. Red Bull is extremely fast on the straights. They fight more with maximum downforce. I’ve heard a few rumours as to why that might be.

“Ferrari has more downforce than us. You simply have a faster car. There is no specific area where they are better, but everywhere.

“They still struggle a bit with bouncing. You saw that in Paul Ricard. You jump through the corners.

“When Charles took off, you could hear the car touching down. It was the same with [Mick] Schumacher in practice. Two very similar cars.

“On the other hand, there is quite a big difference in philosophy between us, Ferrari and Red Bull,” Russell concluded.

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