Sir Jim Ratcliffe says INEOS could help Mercedes with hydrogen power

© Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

The CEO of INEOS, Sir Jim Ratcliffe believes INEOS’ expertise with hydrogen could prove to be helpful to Mercedes as F1 seeks to go green.

To reach the goal of Formula 1 going carbon neutral from 2021 and net zero by 2030, the FIA is trialling a 100% sustainable fuel, made from bio waste. INEOS’ Sir Jim Ratcliffe believes the F1 should explore the use of hydrogen power.

“How relevant it will be in the longer term to Formula 1 I don’t know, but if you look at the hydrogen economy, Ola [Källenius, Daimler Chairman of the Board of Management] obviously has some super technology with hydrogen engines for the heavier vehicles in the Mercedes fleet,” Ratcliffe explained.

“At INEOS, we are probably the largest producer of hydrogen in Europe and we are a leader in the technology for the future of producing hydrogen from water which is an electrolysis procedure.

“You take the water molecule, you split it with electricity and INEOS is bigger in that game in Europe than anybody else, so there is a couple of hydrogen angles as well between Mercedes and INEOS.”

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Källenius himself said thinks Formula 1 can play a big role in experimenting with lower carbon fuels.

“Research into lower carbon fuels or no-carbon fuels, synthetic fuels, will also play a role,” said the Swede.

“If we go electric soon, we will have a very large part of our fleet being all-electric in 2030. Beyond [this], there will be a car park of hundreds of millions, a couple of billion vehicles that we also need to work on decarbonisation.

“And Formula 1 can play a role in experimenting with lower carbon fuels,” concluded Källenius.

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