Sky Sports on whether Verstappen’s 2021 title is “in doubt” due to cost cap breach

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Sky Sports has taken a look at the consequences Red Bull could face for their budget cap breach, as well as when the situation could be resolved.

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the FIA to announce what kind of sanctions Red Bull will have to face for their ‘minor’ breach of the 2021 budget cap.

As points deduction is also on the table, the obvious question is whether Max Verstappen’s 2021 title could be in jeopardy.

“It’s incredibly unlikely,” writes Sky Sports’ Matt Morlidge.

“While a deduction of championship points is one of the penalties listed [in the regulations], and Max Verstappen’s already contentious advantage of only eight points over Lewis Hamilton last year means any meaningful points penalty would put his title at risk, that punishment was only really on the table if Red Bull had committed a ‘material’ breach, going over five per cent, as their rivals suspected.

“For the minor offence, a fine or a public reprimand have been mooted so far, although a limit on testing or a reduction of a future cap could have more significant consequences down the road.”

Morlidge also explains that Red Bull can contest the FIA’s findings.

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“Red Bull’s first move is to ponder an accepted breach agreement, although while that would mean a milder punishment and could not be appealed, it would also require an acceptance of wrongdoing from the team. Their stance so far has hinted they are not willing to do that.

“If Red Bull cannot prove their numbers were correct, do not enter an accepted breach agreement, and are handed a punishment by the cost cap panel, they can appeal to the FIA’s International Court of Appeals.

“If that fails, they could even escalate it further than that.”

As for when we’ll find out the outcome of the situation, Morlidge writes:

“The speed of a resolution, however, likely depends on how hard Red Bull fight their corner. If there is an accepted breach agreement, it could be quick and there would be no appeals.

“If not, this may drag on,” Morlidge concluded.

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