Sky Sports on the “performance impact” of FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ TD

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In its preview of the Belgian Grand Prix, Sky Sports F1 looks at what the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive could mean for Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes.

In Sky Sports’ preview of the Belgian Grand Prix, Matt Morlidge gave a rundown of what the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive, which will start being enforced at Spa, could mean for the top three teams.

“’Porpoising’ has been an often-used word in F1 2022 – and this weekend we have a new technical directive aimed at reducing that phenomenon, while it could also have an impact on team’s performances,” Morlidge wrote.

“The directive is mainly centered around safety and trying to reduce the porpoising of cars with a new metric.

“But the FIA are also introducing measures to stop teams from flexing their floors, following speculation that some were exploiting a loophole to boost performance.

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“Mercedes, F1’s previous dominant force, believe Red Bull and Ferrari, 2022’s fastest teams, have more flexible floors than the rules intend, with the focus on the wooden plank and skid blocks underneath the cars.

“The technical directive focuses on the stiffness of said planks and hints that the FIA, too, believed some teams were gaining an aerodynamic benefit, which would be achieved by running the car lower to the ground.

“Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team boss, has been adamant there is a performance impact in the changes.

“How much? We’ll find out this weekend,” the Briton concluded.

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