Sky Sports reports latest info on how much Red Bull has overspent in 2021

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Sky Sports’ Craig Slater has reported unofficial information on how much Red Bull has overspent in 2021, and provided more info on what the team’s next steps can be.

The Formula 1 world is eagerly awaiting more details on Red Bull’s 2021 cost cap breach and subsequent penalty, but the FIA is yet to release any further information.

The FIA classified Red Bull’s breach as ‘minor’, but they did not provide any information on how much the team has overspent. Craig Slater reports what Sky Sports has learned for now.

“All that has been confirmed officially is that [Red Bull’s cost cap breach] is below the five per cent threshold,” Slater wrote in his column.

“Sky Sports has learned that it is towards the lower end of that scale at around the one per cent mark.

“That’s to say less than half the threshold [McLaren CEO Zak] Brown suggested [in his letter to the FIA] should become the reduced ‘minor’ breach limit.

“Red Bull’s submission is understood to have been below the limit by several million dollars.

“What took them over is yet to be disclosed. Has the absence of that information considerably fuelled the ongoing controversy?

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“Sky Sports understands this week might bring greater clarity in that regard, but perhaps not full resolution.”

Slater then detailed the options Red Bull has right now.

“Horner’s team now have two options. The first is to partake in an accepted breach agreement. This could be sorted out in a matter of days.

“It would entail Red Bull admitting their submission was in error – which they have so far disputed – and accept a penalty.

“The FIA advised that minor overspend breaches would result in ‘Financial Penalties and/or Minor Sporting Penalties’.

“Significantly, accepting the breach agreement would draw a line under the matter.”

The other option would be for Red Bull to challenge the FIA.

“Red Bull’s other option would be to argue they kept within the $145m limit before the FIA’s cost-cap adjudication panel.

“This is a group of six to 12 independent judges who would hear further submissions from Red Bull before making a ruling.

“Potentially Red Bull could even appeal their ruling or ultimately take their case to court. It would further draw out a process which has already taken attention from Max Verstappen’s dominant victory in the drivers’ championship and the team’s imminent constructors triumph.

“What will the FIA ultimately decide? It must be said that nowhere has the FIA accused any team, Red Bull included, of deliberate wrongdoing.

“Instead recent FIA communications emphasised how ‘all competitors’ had worked ‘positively and collaboratively’ with administrators.

“In announcing Red Bull’s ‘minor’ overspend the FIA also explained that only a confirmed ‘material’ overspend would result in mandatory constructors championship points deductions.

“Has the governing body already set a rough framework for what it intends to do?” Slater concluded, implying that the FIA might be looking at a light penalty.

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