Stoffel Vandoorne thinks Hamilton will “come back even stronger”

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Mercedes reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne gives his thoughts on whether Lewis Hamilton will return to Formula 1 in 2022.

After the controversial events of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has not made any public statements, nor did he post anything on social media.

This, coupled with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff saying he ‘hopes’ Lewis will return in 2022, has sent the media into a frenzy of speculation about the Briton’s possible retirement.

Mercedes’ Formula E driver, and F1 reserve driver, Stoffel Vandoorne was asked for his comments on these rumours.

“Lewis didn’t post anything on social media after the race and I think he must have felt very bad that he lost this way on the last lap, when he had everything under control and didn’t put a foot wrong in the race,” the Belgian driver told Rétro F1.

“He will certainly have a hard time accepting what happened in Abu Dhabi, but he still wants so much to surpass himself and be even better, and I am sure he’s going to use these events as motivation to come back even stronger.”

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However, if Lewis returns in 2022, it is not a given that he will be at the top of the field again, since Formula 1 is introducing radical new rules and car designs.

Vandoorne says it’s hard to guess what the pecking order will be next year.

“2022 is a bit of the unknown. Generally, regulatory changes modify the performance and the differences between the teams.

“There are many questions because we do not know where the teams are, especially with the 2021 season being so intense.

“We don’t know when the teams ‘flipped the switch’ and focused their efforts on developing their 2022 car.

“And we all know that in Formula 1, a few weeks of difference can have an impact on the whole season,” concluded the Belgian.

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