Susie Wolff: “I have so much admiration and respect for Lewis”

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Susie Wolff says she is “inspired” by Lewis Hamilton “as a racing driver but also as a human being”, and comments on her husband Toto’s leadership skills.

On Formula 1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, Toto Wolff’s wife Susie gave her opinion on Lewis Hamilton as a driver and a human being.

“I have so much admiration and respect for Lewis,” Susie said.

“How he manages his life to be the best possible racing driver that he can be. He has an incredible ability.

“I’m inspired by Lewis as a racing driver but also as a human being.”

She also talked about her husband Toto’s ability to run Mercedes as one of the most successful racing teams in history.

“I am definitely inspired by how he runs the organisation,” she explained.

“He’s very authentic, he’s very very good in his communication and that’s where he has a lot of empathy with the people he works with.

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“He surrounds himself by very talented people, he’s not scared to be challenged. He wants bright people around him who do challenge him.

“That’s something which I definitely learned from watching him over so many years. It’s one thing trying to be successful as a team and get to the front but it’s another thing trying to maintain that success.

“They obviously had a huge challenge in that they’d won title after title and how do you keep a group of individuals together and motivated.

“That’s been one of his great challenges but I’m just inspired watching what he does,” Susie concluded.

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