Susie Wolff: “It’s a little bit sad that it’s always Lewis”

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F1 Academy Managing Director Susie Wolff says it’s “a little bit sad” that Lewis Hamilton is the only F1 driver who is consistently supporting female drivers.

At the United States Grand Prix weekend, the all-female F1 Academy series held a race during an F1 race weekend for the first time ever.

However, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were the only two F1 drivers who spent time with F1 Academy drivers and its Managing Director Susie Wolff.

In the past Lewis has also supported the all-female W Series, and Susie Wolff says it’s sad that he seems to be the only one to regularly support women in motorsport.

“It’s a little bit sad that it’s always Lewis,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1.

“He’s always the one offering support, coming over and really, because I think in the end, he knows what it’s like to be the only one and so he has an affinity.

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“But there’s going to be the 10 F1 teams with their own livery, so I expect a lot more interaction from the F1 teams generally next season because they have the platforms, they have the voices and I think that’s something which will be hugely helpful because this is not a short-term project.

“If we want to see success, it’s got to be long term,” she concluded.

Sky Sports F1 broadcaster Naomi Schiff also praised Lewis for his continued support.

“I remember days when W Series was also on the F1 calendar where Lewis would come out into the pit lane and watch the girls drive and I think it’s really important for us to have male allies in this project, for us to have this change,” Schiff said.

“It’s not going to take one person, it’s not going to take one initiative. It’s going to take all of us getting on board.

“And if we truly want to see that change then we all have to play our part,” she concluded.

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