The cost cap could prevent Mercedes from making “leaps and bounds”

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Mercedes’ Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin says the team “made a new suspension and suspension is expensive to make and to fit on the car”.

Mercedes’ big upgrade package introduced in Monaco, proved to be a success for the team. The team’s Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin explains what the team worked on.

“It’s about trying to play with these geometries to influence the aero platform and try to get a little more stability in the car,” he told Italian

“Probably the new geometry has given us more freedom, because the problem we always had before the last end race week was to get a good front end when cornering was needed and good stability on entry when braking hard and cornering.

“This compromise was always something we couldn’t fix. You always end up with a weak rear when entering or a poor front when exiting corners. So let’s hope that these new suspensions take us in the right direction.”

Shovlin then warned the budget cap could stop Mercedes from making huge progress in 2023.

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“Basically we made a new suspension and suspension is expensive to make and to fit on the car. So, the reality is that with the budget cap, we are always looking at our situation in this World Championship.

“We don’t know how many things we’re going to do. I don’t expect to make any leaps and bounds.”

However, the Briton believes the money spent on the upgrades was well spent.

“What we understand is that there is quite a rich development strand that we can start looking at, so our programs are working.

“The challenge is always to get aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics to work together and optimised, and every team goes through that kind of process.

“But it’s about seeing where the opportunities are and how you can bring the two together so that they succeed to function as a single package,” Shovlin concluded.

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