The FIA allows Hamilton to wear jewellery in Miami and Spain

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

The FIA has given Lewis Hamilton an exemption that will allow him to wear unremovable jewellery at the Miami and Spanish Grands Prix.

After the FIA announced that checking of jewellery has been included into each team’s scrutineering submission ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said he was prepared to miss a race if he is not allowed to wear some of his piercings.

Well, now reports that the FIA has given Hamilton an exemption from this rule for the Miami and Spanish Grands Prix weekends, however he has to remove the jewellery by the Monaco Grand Prix (May 27-29).

It remains to be seen if Lewis will comply with this, as he has made it clear numerous times that he finds the FIA’s insistence on enforcing this rule to be “a step backwards” for Formula 1.

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