The FIA bans Mercedes’ 2022 front wing innovation for 2023

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

The FIA has made changes to F1’s technical regulations for 2023, which essentially banned Mercedes’ innovative front wing concept that was introduced in 2022.

Earlier this year Mercedes introduced an innovative concept involving the front wing endplate.

The endplate featured an innovative design in the intersection between the flapped section and the endplate, more precisely the flaps had been swept forward in the outer section, which made the rear lower edge of the endplate completely detached from the flaps.

After some inspection, the concept was deemed legal by the FIA for 2022, but now the governing organization has decided to change the wording of the technical regulations, which will ban the solution in 2023.

Aston Martin’s innovative rear wing has also been made illegal through these technical regulation changes.

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FIA’s single-seater technical director Nikolas Tombazis explained the change.

“Obviously this year they were both legal,” he said.

“The regulations have changed on both the front and the rear in different ways to stop those solutions,” Tombazis concluded.

Tombazis confirmed that the reason behind the ban had to do with a concern that the solutions could hurt the racing, which would be against the ‘spirit’ of the regulations.

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