The FIA doubles down on its ‘flexi floor’ clampdown

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Despite Red Bull’s protests, the FIA has announced it will not ease up on their planned ‘flexi floor’ clampdown, as part of their efforts to reduce porpoising.

Recently the FIA has introduced a Technical Directive aimed at reducing porpoising and for this purpose has developed an Aerodynamic Oscillation Metric (AOM), which will start being enforced at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The FIA has recently revealed that some teams’ floors have been flexing more than the rules allow, and this will no longer be possible after the AOM is introduced.

These teams are rumoured to be Red Bull and Ferrari, and Red Bull has already blasted the FIA’s plan, saying that the governing organisation should not dictate to the teams how to set up their cars.

The issue was discussed at the meeting of Formula 1’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on Thursday, where the FIA has reaffirmed its stance on this issue.

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Afterwards they issued a statement saying that porpoising is a ‘significant safety matter’, and therefore:

“It is the responsibility and the prerogative of the FIA to intervene for safety matters, and the reason the regulations allow such measures to be taken is precisely to allow decisions to be taken without being influenced by the competitive position each team may find themselves in.”

The teams will be able to use the AOM from next weekend’s French Grand Prix, so that they have time to get acquainted with it, before it is formally introduced in Belgium.

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