The FIA holding high-level talks regarding the ‘porpoising’ issue

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Ahead of the French Grand Prix the FIA has scheduled a high-level meeting to discuss the next steps regarding the ‘porpoising’ issue. reports that the FIA has organized talks to decide on the next developments regarding their efforts to reduce ‘porpoising’ and control its effects on drivers’ health.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday and will involve FIA’s Single Seater Technical Director Nikolas Tombazis and the organization’s wider safety department.

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According to the report, this comes on the heels of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association surveying its full membership, which consists of all 20 F1 drivers, regarding ‘porpoising’ and car stiffness. The majority has reportedly asked the FIA to do something about the issues as soon as possible.

After the meeting the FIA is expected to inform the teams of all new developments.

The latest official information that came from the FIA was their announcement that the ‘anti-porpoising’ technical directive will start to get enforced at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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