The FIA will investigate the Hamilton/Verstappen Italian GP crash

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

The FIA safety department will look into Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s crash at the Italian Grand Prix because they consider it an “unusual” accident.

The crash itself happened at the first chicane at low speeds, but after Verstappen hit the inside kerb, his car was launched in the air and he basically drove over Hamilton’s Mercedes.

Were it not for the halo device, Hamilton would have been at risk of a serious injury or death.

“Incidents that are different, so it’s not necessarily a high G impact or anything like that, or are unusual, we do look at,” FIA race director Michael Masi said.

“Our safety department does look at them in detail, investigate and see what we can learn and what we can improve for the future.

“That’s how we have a whole lot of the safety features that we have today, and will continue to evolve into the future.”

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Some have also wondered why the medical car was not immediately deployed to the site of the accident.

Formula 1 Medical Car driver Alan van der Merwe explains why it was deemed unnecessary.

“Nothing to suggest our presence was necessary,” van der Merwe said.

“If Lewis’ radio comms or behaviour on video feed would have hinted at injury, we’d have gone.

“He was clearly trying to drive the car, and Max’s car was not blocking his egress from the cockpit,” he concluded.

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