The FIA will not enforce ‘anti-porpoising’ directive in Canada

© Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

The FIA has confirmed it is only gathering data regarding its ‘anti-porpoising’ directive, but it will not be enforced at the Canadian Grand Prix.

On Thursday the FIA announced the steps it is taking to reduce ‘porpoising’ on the grounds of drivers’ health and safety.

At the time it was unknown when the directive will start to be enforced, but the FIA has now confirmed it will not happen in Canada.

The first order of business for the FIA is to gather data to be able to establish a metric that will be used to determine the mandated limit for vertical movement of the car.

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“The technical directive does not specifically state that the metric would be applied for this race,” an FIA spokesperson said.

“It is felt that the complexity of establishing that metric from all the data from the different cars is not going to be an overnight job.

“There will be a careful and full analysis of the data gathered this weekend and any application of it will be appropriate to whatever arises from the analysis.”

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