Timo Glock says he never talked to Lewis Hamilton about Brazil 2008

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Former F1 driver Timo Glock says he can’t understand how some people could suggest that he helped Lewis Hamilton win the 2008 title “on purpose”.

On the final corner of the final race of the 2008 Formula 1 season – the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton overtook Timo Glock to get P5 and win his first Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship.

The famous pass in wet conditions was one of the biggest shocks in the history of F1, as Felipe Massa had already won the race and thought he was the world champion.

Afterwards, and even to this day, some F1 fans have been accusing Glock, who was driving for Toyota at the time, of purposefully allowing Hamilton to pass him.

Glock says he has never spoken to Lewis about this famous moment.

“Not really, no,” the German said.

“Somehow, the last two race weekends when I was at the track, I met him at Spa, I walked in through the gate and I just looked at my phone and then someone says ‘hey, Timo, how are you?’ And I was looking left, right and then it’s Lewis.

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“I didn’t talk to him since I don’t know how many years, let’s say. Now I met him when I played table tennis against George Russell, having a quick sort of chat.

“He’s in his world when he’s at a race weekend and it feels like he doesn’t want to be attacked by someone, let’s say, or have a little chat, and I don’t want to disturb him in the way how he approaches his weekend.

“So I would never go there and ask him to have a chat with him about 2008 now. If it happens, it happens. If not, it doesn’t.”

Glock then said he is baffled by the fact that some people think he helped Hamilton on purpose.

“It didn’t change my confidence in myself. I just couldn’t understand why people thought I would help or I would have made Lewis the World Champion.

“I was driving for Toyota. Why should I make Lewis the World Champion? There was no way I could have been involved in anything because I just drove my race and I tried to make the best of it.

“I could not understand what people were thinking, that I did it on purpose. I had no clue where I was in the race,” Glock concluded.

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