Tom Cruise on Lewis Hamilton as an actor: “He can accomplish anything”

Source: Mercedes F1 Twitter

Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise talks about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton acting in a Formula 1 movie and says “anyone with that kind of focus and passion”, can “accomplish anything”.

In a talk organized by Channel 4, David Coulthard asked Tom Cruise if he could imagine getting involved in an F1 movie and getting Lewis Hamilton involved in it.

“It is something that we’ve all looked at,“ Cruise said.

“How do we do it? How do we manage something like that? In terms of building the cars and racing, and all of those things…

“And, it is a great story. And it’s also something that you got to find the right characters and the right place to do it.

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“But I do think that is a great story. And you’re asking about Lewis in terms of acting, I was like, that’s something…

“You know, I think that anyone with that kind of focus and passion, and wants to act, and I know he’s a musician and stuff, and he’s interested – he can accomplish anything.

“You guys know that, if you focus your mind on something, you can accomplish anything,” the legendary actor concluded.

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