Toto Wolff after the French GP: “We need to stay humble”

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After Mercedes’ double podium at the French Grand Prix, Toto Wolff says the car “is just not good at the moment to fight with the guys in front”.

Mercedes got its best result of 2022 at the French Grand Prix, with Lewis Hamilton getting P2 and George Russell P3.

However, Toto Wolff warns the team must not get carried away, because the result does not reflect Mercedes’ current performance level.

“We need to stay humble,” the Austrian told Sky Sports F1.

“Our car is just not good at the moment to fight with the guys in front. I’m always a little bit pessimistic because I think I need to be.

“We are just lacking six or seven tenths to the leaders. Whilst we have stabilised in the race and Verstappen hasn’t been really gaining more ground, he was also looking after his tyres.

“Overall, I think the team effort was great. The drivers did a really good job. George was clever and fast.

“’Lewis the lion’ was just always there, didn’t let loose, and we’re doing the maximum at the moment on race day.”

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As for Mercedes’ stronger performance in the race compared to their performance is qualifying, Wolff said:

“We don’t know, but we struggle to bring the tyres in the optimum window. In qualifying sometimes we have it in the second or third push lap, and obviously you’re missing the peak then from the first flying lap.

“Then, in the race, you can see that we’re losing three seconds at the beginning of the race, or four, and then we’re stabilising [and] we’re actually not so bad.

“So there’s a lot of head scratching going on, but we have the most capable people, the best ones, I believe.

“At the moment it’s a little bit trial and error, but it’s great to see that science can also improvise, and we’ve got to move fast,” Toto concluded.

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