Toto Wolff believes Mercedes will avoid Red Bull / Ferrari downfall

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Toto Wolff explains why he believes Mercedes can avoid a fall from grace that Red Bull and Ferrari have experienced after their periods of success.

After dominating Formula 1 for eight years, Mercedes has experienced a difficult season in 2022, and was not able to fight for championships.

Considering how Ferrari was not able to win a championship since 2007, and how it took Red Bull from 2014 until 2021 to be able to consistently fight for the championship again, it’s only natural to ask if Mercedes is entering its own difficult period.

Team boss Toto Wolff says Mercedes is discussing this internally, and explains why he believes the team will avoid it.

“Of course, we are talking about it,” the Austrian said.

“We are analysing what were the reasons in the past that teams that dominated over an era suddenly lost performance.

“And you can trace it back pretty well. Change of regulation; people leaving; a tyre that changed fundamentally.

“We have the same organisation, the same capability, the same financial funding. And I believe we have things in common and we can trace it back.

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“We are aware of all that and the regulation changed. We got it wrong. But all the other pillars are still in place. And we have to tune the systems, and understand.”

Toto then explained what went wrong with Ferrari and Red Bull in previous years.

“You can see that with Ferrari, as an example, I mean they lost the whole top leadership and the key driver. I think that is something where you can trace it back.

“With Red Bull it was a fundamental situation that the power unit regulations changed upside down and no works deal basically. So it was fundamental parameters changed.

“But we are looking at that and thinking: we better be careful. We better be careful because the season has gone by in a heartbeat.

“And we can’t let that happen, to look back after the next season and the one after,” Wolff concluded.

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