Toto Wolff believes “the pendulum will swing” for Lewis Hamilton

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says Monaco lessons will help Mercedes start “winning at the front”, and adds he believes “unlucky situation will stop” for Lewis Hamilton.

After another race at the top of the midfield for Mercedes, Toto Wolff concedes it’s the team’s realistic position, and adds he doesn’t want any gifts like inherited podiums.

“At the moment, I don’t want anything for us gifted,” the Austrian said.

“Our team is only third on the road and that is why the positions of fifth and sixth are where we belong to.

“This is not where we want to be and that is why, if you are inheriting a podium it is nice, it is good for the points long term but I don’t want any of that.

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“I want to be winning at the front and this is going to be part of important lessons we learn here and it is going to be the basis of us performing long-term again.”

As for Lewis Hamilton’s unlucky streak with safety cars, red flags etc., Wolff thinks the bad luck is bound to stop.

“When you look at the bad spells Lewis had, stuck behind Fernando today, the contact with Esteban, the red flag in qualifying yesterday.

“I think the pendulum will swing and this unlucky situation will stop with Lewis as they are very much on the same pace,” Toto concluded.

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