Toto Wolff blasts those who say Hamilton wins ‘because of the car’

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Daimler AG

Toto Wolff says drivers who say Lewis Hamilton wins because he has the best car should ask themselves “why they haven’t found their way into a Mercedes”.

With his history making win at the Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s 91 career wins record. Despite this amazing achievement there are always those who say Hamilton wins only because ‘he has the best car’. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff will have none of it.

“In my opinion that’s not quite fair,” the Austrian said.

“Winning races and winning championships is always in this sport a team exercise. But you need to put yourself in a position that you end up in the best car.

“There you can see lots of talents and skilled drivers took the wrong decisions, not well-advised decisions. And in that respect it was him who joined us in 2013, and it is him that sits in the car and is able to execute on track with a tool that we provide to him.

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“But it’s always the two that are that are part of this. We couldn’t achieve the records that we have and he probably couldn’t achieve the records with[out] the right car, full stop.

“I don’t want to allow these voices that say ‘he drives a Mercedes, it’s obvious that he wins so many races’.

“The drivers who say that should analyse why they haven’t found their way into a Mercedes.”

Wolff went on to explain how much Lewis changed and progressed since he joined Mercedes in 2013.

“What impresses me the most is, as a human being he develops from year to year. The Lewis Hamilton we see today has nothing to do with the Lewis Hamilton I met in 2013.

“And what is most impressive is that someone who is performing on that level is still capable of getting better inside and outside the car every year,” concluded Wolff.

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