Toto Wolff clears up what James Allison’s role with Mercedes is

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In response to recent rumours about James Allison’s supposed ‘return to active duty’, Toto Wolff clears up what the Briton’s role with Mercedes is.

There has been a lot of speculation saying that Mercedes’ former Technical Director, and current Chief Technical Officer, James Allison has been called to take a more hands-on approach with the team, amid their current performance issues.

Back in 2021 a big change occurred at Mercedes – the team’s Technical Director at the time, James Allison, became the team’s Chief Technical Officer, while Technology Director Mike Elliott got promoted to Allison’s former position.

Allison’s new position meant that he stopped having day-to-day duties when it comes to the design of Mercedes’ F1 cars, while his influence expanded to the team’s applied science division.

He also became INEOS Britannia sailing team’s Chief Technical Officer, as they prepared to challenge for the America’s Cup.

Aforementioned rumours have been saying that Allison is again actively working on Mercedes’ car, and they only intensified when he appeared in front of the camera again in the team’s Australian Grand Prix debrief video.

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When asked by Motorsport Italy what Allison’s current role with the team is, team Toss Toto Wolff said: “He is the Chief Technical Officer.”

He then explained what his role is on the Formula 1 side of things.

“He’s not involved. He has an active role when discussing the team’s long-term strategies, but today he devotes his time to other activities such as the America’s Cup project and other programs that aim for innovation.”

Asked if Mercedes is tempted to call Allison back to focus more of Formula 1, Wolff said:

“James is still very important to our organization, but regarding the difficulties we have, I don’t think it’s a question of one person, but rather of finding more right people in the roles they serve.”

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