Toto Wolff describes how Mercedes got to the top of Formula 1

© Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff says Mercedes’ structure is strong from “the first line of attack” down to “the organisation”.

Since coming back to Formula 1 in 2010, Mercedes managed to become one of the most successful Formula 1 teams in history with six consecutive double championships to its name. Toto Wolff describes how.

“We started to gain confidence that we wanted to win the [first] championship,” explained Wolff.

“We won the first championship and we wanted to repeat it and show it was sustainable.

“Every year we have reinvented ourselves without forgetting what made us strong, but equally being very self-critical.

“We have a structure that is very strong from the first line of attack, the drivers, all the way down to the organisation.

“It’s an alignment of many individuals on a journey together, but equally you have to have no sense of entitlement for what you have achieved. The points go back to zero.

“We had a tough year this year [and] this is the challenge, overcoming those difficult days, and overcoming those difficult moments, is what makes it so special,” concluded Wolff.


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