Toto Wolff dismisses concerns over budget cap policing

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Ferrari’s team boss Mattia Binotto recently expressed his concern regarding the FIA’s policing of the budget cap. Toto Wolff says he has “confidence in the governance”.

Mattia Binotto recently expressed his concern over how the FIA will police the budget cap, and expressed hope that those that break it will be sanctioned properly.

“It is a very green regulation at the moment [and] the number of people in the FIA monitoring it is very little,” the Italian said.

“So it has to improve for the future because it would be really bad if somehow a championship was dictated by financial regulation and not technical or sporting,” he concluded.

When asked about this, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he was not concerned.

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“I saw Mattia mentioning that,” the Austrian said.

“I have no doubt in the FIA’s new regime that they will not police robustly and they will be policing to what the governance says and the financial budget cap regulations is as important as sporting and technical so let’s see what the outcome is.

“But if you breach, then you breach, that is an advantage you have gained and that needs to be sanctioned. But again, I am speaking about something I am not involved in.

“I have confidence in the people, I have confidence in the system, I have confidence in the governance,” Wolff concluded.

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