Toto Wolff dismisses Red Bull’s ‘porpoising’ solution for Mercedes

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Toto Wolff dismisses Red Bull’s claim that Mercedes just needs to raise their car to prevent ‘porpoising’, which would also cause them to lose speed, and adds “all cars have bouncing”.

When the FIA stepped in to work out a way to prevent F1 cars from bouncing, Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Helmut Marko strongly opposed the idea of the governing body getting involved.

They claimed that Mercedes can simply raise their ride height to prevent the effect, but that would come at the expense of their speed.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff told Osterreich newspaper that things are not that simple.

“That is a simplified representation,” the Austrian said.

“I have a bouncing study ahead of me, Ferrari is the highest, then we come, and Red Bull is the lowest.

“All cars have bouncing; the fact we are slow has a different background. As you can see with Ferrari, they are the fastest and bounce the most.

When asked if Mercedes has written off the 2022 season, Wolff said:

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“The fact is, we’re too far behind and we have to get that under control. The regulations will remain the same next year, so every development we bring today is also important for next year.

“We definitely need to get off the starting blocks better.”

Asked what it would take for George Russell to win his first race, Toto said:

“If we give him a car that he can win with.”

And asked if that could happen this weekend at Silverstone, the Austrian said it was not very likely.

“We still don’t have the package for it. But we are doing everything we can to change that,” Wolff concluded.

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