Toto Wolff explains Mercedes’ regular upgrades despite budget cap

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Mercedes has been bringing regular upgrades to their car throughout the 2022 season, with promise of more to come. Toto Wolff explains how they are able to do that despite the budget cap.

In 2022 Formula 1 teams have to adhere to a $140 million budget cap, but despite this, many of them have been able to bring regular upgrades for their cars.

Mercedes started the season on the back foot, but have since been able to bring on regular upgrades and improve their car. Furthermore, the team is promising to bring even more upgrades after the summer break.

Team boss Toto Wolff explains how they are able to do this and still adhere to the budget cap.

“I can speak for us,” Wolff said.

“We have a tracker with the financial engineers that keeps track of every single process and every single component that is fitted to the single-seaters.

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“So when we unload things from the truck, the financial engineer takes note of the value, and when it is used it is counted.

“We are moving forward with the method we planned, at the beginning of the season for many reasons we didn’t bring many updates, now we are moving forward with the development programme.”

The Austrian then said he believed the budget cap needs to be adhered to, and expects those who do not to be penalized.

“The regulation was already in place last year, and we will soon have the results that will confirm whether everyone has complied with the rules.

“I simply believe that it is forbidden to make mistakes, because breaking the financial regulations is like breaking the technical ones,” Wolff concluded.

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