Toto Wolff: “Ferrari need to be in the mix”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says “as a fan” he loves Ferrari, and the Italian outfit has been “missed” at the top of Formula 1 “in the last few years”.

At Mercedes’ 2022 car launch team boss Toto Wolff gave his comments on the state of Ferrari, who has struggled in the last few years.

“As a fan, I love Ferrari,” the Austrian said.

“They are the greatest name in Formula 1 and it cannot be that Ferrari are not competing for race victories and titles.

“Winning championships is something different, mainly things have to come together to achieve that.

“For all of us, fans of the sport, Ferrari need to be in the mix. We have missed them in the last few years.

“The passion of everyone at Ferrari and the Tiffosi, it is important to see the car is competitive. I hope there will be a few of us able to win races and fighting hard on the track.”

Wolff adds that Ferrari will benefit from having more wind tunnel time than the 2021 top teams, due to their position in the championship.

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“The ability of having more wind tunnel time is, of course, something that you need to bear in mind.

“The advantage of finishing sixth versus first over the course of the season is a couple of tenths – and then, of course, you need to catch up.

“We are part of these regulations and I think it’s good to create competition, and so we shall see wherever everyone is.”

Toto also warns there could be surprises with teams introducing unexpected innovations akin to BrawnGP’s double diffuser.

“I’m not discounting any teams. Everyone could be high up in the standings at the beginning of the season, because we’ve seen it in 2009 with the double diffuser.

“If a team has innovated and discovered opportunities that could be game changers, everyone can be ahead of the beginning,” Wolff concluded.

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