Toto Wolff: “I see myself in this role for a long time”

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Toto Wolff says he sees himself remaining Mercedes’ Team Principal “for a long time”, but he is also building “a structure for the future”.

Toto Wolff has been Mercedes’ Team Principal since 2013, however, he is aware that in the future he will have to find a suitable replacement for himself.

Still, he believes this is “many years away”.

“The clear aim is to build a structure for the future and that is my sheer responsibility for the team,” the Austrian told AP Sport.

“A stone could fall on my head and how does it look afterwards? That is why I would like to see myself in a few years maybe not going to 24 races, and just to 15.

“But that is many years away. I see myself in this role for a long time. I cannot imagine doing something else.”

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Back in 2020 there was a period when Toto was thinking about what the future holds for him, however, he ultimately realised his passion is leading Mercedes.

“I really struggled in 2020 to make a decision on whether I wanted to stay active in the sport or to be a shareholder and go back to my finance world.

“I was tired, mentally and physically, but then I came to the realisation that I wanted to continue.

“I feel I am contributing to the team in the crossover world of finance and motor racing, and I have a passion for both.

“And that is why I continue to do it,” Wolff concluded.

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