Toto Wolff: “I’m optimistic that eventually we will get there”

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Mercedes’ team boss Toto Wolff says his team has worse porpoising issues than Ferrari, but still believes they will eventually join the fight.

Mercedes has been battling heavy porpoising in the first three races of the 2022 season. Some have noted that Ferrari is also facing the same issue, but Toto Wolff says his team has it worse.

“Our bouncing is worse because we carry it into the corners and the high-speed, so you can see where we lose performance,” the Austrian said.

“When you look at the overlay in sector one [in Australia] we are very competitive, sector two we are competitive and then in sector three, through Turns 9, 10 and 12 we are losing all our margin.

“It’s almost like a second through a couple of corners. So is curing the bouncing going to miraculously unlock a second within the car? No, for sure not.

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“But there are many other little improvements we can make on weight and other things we can optimise and we just need to chip away the small gains while understanding the car.

“I’m optimistic that eventually we will get there, whether it is two races or five, we need to stay humble.

“My time horizon is not a race weekend or a year, it is more like ten years and I want to look back and have a competitive team.

“There will be more difficult years and this is one of them,” Wolff concluded.

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