Toto Wolff: “I’ve been in this situation before in life”

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Toto Wolff talks about Mercedes’ current problems, and warns “the team is still the same that won many of the Championships”.

Mercedes is currently struggling with numerous issues with their car, the most obvious being the porpoising.

At the Australian Grand Prix Saturday press conference, Toto Wolff was asked how hard his team’s current performance level is hitting him.

“I’ve been in this situation before in life, and you just need to be humble about it,” the Austrian said.

“When I said last year with the new regulations, how things were set up, that we could have a different pecking order. And this is exactly what’s happened.

“The midfield is very, very compressed and we’re just not quick enough, full stop. There are so many areas where we know we can improve, others where we don’t comprehend the car yet.

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“And we just need to concentrate on ourselves and chip away, the performance. The team is still the same that won many of the Championships.

Wolff was then asked if he still believes in the W13’s potential.

“Yes, I do. Because what is the other solution? To dial back and go back many months and then put that car on the track? I don’t think this is feasible.

“Because it wouldn’t bring us forward in terms of performance compared to the other ones. It’s a relative game. So we have, at that stage, no choice than to understand.

“And whatever the outcome may be, from our understanding, we may change or tweak the car,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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