Toto Wolff: “Maybe we shouldn’t have taken full points today”

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Toto Wolff apologized to Red Bull for Valtteri Bottas accidentally taking their cars out. Christian Horner didn’t seem to accept the apology.

At the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas caused an accident that took himself, Lando Norris and both Red Bulls out of the race. However, Max Verstappen was ultimately able to continue after the race was red flagged and repairs had been carried out on his car.

Of course, Red Bull complained after the race about this and the cost of damage done to their cars, but Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff didn’t even try to make any excuses.

“They are completely understand[able], the feeling,” the Austrian told Sky Sports F1.

“All I can do is to take it on us. It was a small mistake being too late, too late on the brakes and took out Lando and the two Red Bulls and, you know, it’s not how things should go, but in the rain, it can be quite, quite tricky.

“I think he got sandwiched, then the moment they closed, they braked a tiny bit later and then he was too late. It was too late.

“It’s a small mistake that caused so much, you know, such a big accident costing them a lot of points and possibly two cars on the podium.

Wolff was then asked if he intends to apologize to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner for the accident.

“I will do it in public like I’m doing it here. I’m sorry for that,” he said.

Ultimately Lewis Hamilton managed to finish the race in P3, and now both himself and Mercedes have now regained the lead in the championship, ahead of the summer break.

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Lewis could have won the race had he not been held up by Fernando Alonso for several laps. However, Wolff believes Mercedes perhaps didn’t deserve to win, because of the accident at the start.

“Things happen and at the end of the day, you know how it is with karma. Maybe we shouldn’t have taken full points today.”

Nico Rosberg reported that after the race Wolff went to the Red Bull garage to apologise to Christian Horner in person. However, according to Rosberg, the apology was not accepted.

Horner was later asked if Wolff had apologized.

“Is he going to pay the bill? It’s racing,” said Red Bull’s team boss.

“Toto wasn’t driving the car, his driver was driving the car. I’m sure he didn’t tell them ‘crash into Red Bull’. I’m sure he wasn’t that sorry to see the result, but I’m sure he didn’t tell Valtteri to do that.

“But the consequence for us is brutal and in a cost-cap environment that needs looking at by the FIA,” concluded Horner.

So here we have Horner again calling for FIA action against Mercedes, this time for an unintentional accident.

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