Toto Wolff: “Nobody’s really interested in how many races I’ve won”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says records are not something he values a lot, instead he chooses to focus on ‘seeking perfection’ every day.

At the Portuguese Grand Prix Mercedes has its first chance to secure the 2020 Constructors’ Championship. If successful, the team will break Ferrari’s record for most consecutive constructors’ title wins.

On the Beyond the Grid Podcast Wolff was asked how much value he puts in these statistics.

“Absolutely zero,” said the Austrian.

“Stats are something from the past, and apart from a few insiders and my mother, nobody’s really interested in how many races I’ve won or championships.”

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Wolff was then asked if at least Mercedes’ constructors’ championship success means more to him, but the Austrian reiterated his response.

“No it doesn’t, because it’s the past. I want to do a job and seek perfection in what I do and what we do every single day, and I only think about tomorrow.

“I can’t tell you how I’ll feel about it when I leave the sport one day or when I’m older. I might be looking back and say ‘great’, but I think those records don’t matter.

“Who thinks about how many rings Phil Jackson has won? Who thinks about how many super bowls Tom Brady has won? Or how many Champions League wins Ronaldo or Klopp have?

“It just interests insiders, and in that perspective we need to think outside of our microcosm.

“The satisfaction is about enjoying what I do, every single day. It’s the relationships with the people, it’s building an organisation that is resilient, and an organisation that is successful.

“And that translates into the stopwatch. I like to compete.”

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