Toto Wolff on fans booing Verstappen and cheering Hamilton’s crash

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff comments on the difference between Max Verstappen being booed at Silverstone, and fans cheering for Lewis Hamilton’s crash in Austria.

Fan behaviour at the race tracks has been in the spotlight recently, especially their attitude toward drivers.

Back in 2021 Lewis Hamilton was heavily booed by the crowd at the Dutch Grand Prix, and this year the same thing happened to Max Verstappen at Silverstone.

In Austria things got even worse, after the crowd loudly cheered Hamilton’s crash in Qualifying, without knowing if he was harmed or not.

At the Austrian Grand Prix Saturday press conference, Toto Wolff was asked if there was a difference between fans booing Max and cheering Lewis’ crash.

“Well, both is not very sportsmanlike,” the Austrian said.

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“I think a driver that crashes out and ends up in the barrier, if that is being applauded a lot you should criticise or should question the attitude and understanding of any sport. The booing is not good either.

“I think we, as teams, we fight. We are not happy when we lose but the booing is a personal attack on the driver and fans should just put themselves in the position and that they are standing up there and there are being booed and I think that’s not right for the driver, that Christian was being booed in Silverstone.

“I don’t think that’s right, either. So hopefully we can talk sense. We love the fans, we want them to be there, we want them to be emotional and passionate.

“But maybe when it gets personal that shouldn’t happen,” Wolff concluded.

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