Toto Wolff on how he wants to be remembered: “Who cares!”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was asked by Sky Sports F1 how he wants to be remembered when in comes to his legacy in the sport.

A relative newcomer to Formula 1, Wolff took the reins of Mercedes’ Formula 1 team in 2013. Despite his late entry into the game of motorsport management, he has since become one of the most successful team leaders in history of Formula 1, with six consecutive constructors’ championships to his name.

Taking this into account, Wolff was asked what he wants his legacy in Formula 1 to be.

“Who cares! I care about meeting and achieving my own expectations,” Wolff said without hesitation.

“What do I want to achieve from my life? I personally think that family life and my marriage are the most important milestones that I have achieved.

“Then in terms of the job, you can say ‘Okay, this is the success I want to have, this is the money I want to earn,’ but that’s my expectation, it is not anyone else’s expectation because everyone out there, if we are honest, cares about themselves.

“I don’t care, on a bigger page, if in 10 years people say ‘Well, he won five championships and he won five races or whatever,’ because fundamentally, nobody cares.

“It’s just I care and I care about being happy and having a good life and obviously, the objectives also change, but I don’t think outside of us anyone is happy for you, everyone just lives their life so I think legacy, I don’t think that exists.”

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Three and a half years ago Wolff and wife Susie, former racing driver and current Venturi Formula E team principal, had their first child Jack. Wolff also has two children from his previous marriage. The Austrian explains his family is his no. 1 priority.

“I am very lucky that I have a three-and-a-half-year-old now and we are living in the UK.

“I am doing things I wasn’t able to do with my elder children. I have a fantastic relationship with them and they want to finish school and go to university and the other one is almost there.

“But simple things, just taking Jack to nursery, picking him up or spending the weekends together, this is something I have discovered now for me which I haven’t done before.

“I was leaving in the mornings, saying bye-bye and coming back late at night. It has really increased my life quality and I love it.”

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