Toto Wolff on how Mercedes selects its racing drivers

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff reveals the criteria behind his team’s racing driver selection process.

With the F1 silly season in high gear, Mercedes is now in the hotseat regarding its 2021 driver lineup. Will Lewis Hamilton extend his contract? Will Sebastian Vettel sign for the team in what would be a blockbuster move? Will Mercedes finally pull the trigger on their junior driver George Russell? Will Valtteri Bottas remain with the team?

In a video interview with Mercedes, team boss Toto Wolff explains what goes on inside the team when they are picking their driver lineup.

“There is a data side of things,” said the Austrian.

“You look at race results, back into the junior formulas, you look at comparisons with team mates and how these team mates compared to other people, and then there is the personality side, which is very important.

“How would the driver fit into the team structure? What would the dynamic be with the driver who could be his team mate? What’s the planning for the future?

“All these factors are being in a way compounded. We are discussing that in a forum, everyone gives their opinion, and most often everybody in that group has the same opinion anyway.”

Wolff also explained whether he is keeping in touch with his current drivers during F1’s hiatus.

“I very much leave it to the drivers. When there is nothing urgent, I leave it to them to manage the communication.

“I haven’t spoken to Valtteri, I think he is in a good place personally, and I am happy about that.

“With Lewis, I’ve been very much in contact, we’ve spoken regularly with Whatsapp very often, keeping each other up to date.”

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