Toto Wolff on Italian GP crash: “The Halo definitely saved Lewis’ life”

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says Max Verstappen’s move on Lewis Hamilton that ended in a crash was a “tactical foul”.

After Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided at the Italian Grand Prix, the reactions to the crash keep pouring in.

Although Toto Wolff believes the incident was a “tactical foul” on Verstappen’s part, he will let the stewards decide who is “predominantly to blame”.

“The stewards are going to decide who is to blame, who is predominantly to blame,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1.

“I guess we’ve seen that in the past. But I would say it was, in football, they call it a tactical foul. He probably knew that if Lewis stays ahead, that is the race win possibly.”

The incident holds a lot of similarity with an earlier Lap 1 incident between the two, but on that occasion Lewis backed out.

“If you compare it to what Lewis did in Turn 4 in Lap 1, there was no space left – [Lewis was] pushed off the track, actually.

“But yes, let the stewards make the judgement. I don’t want to be a pander like some of my colleagues.

“When you look at Turn 4, he backed out and that was quite a thing, because probably, you know that he’s staying ahead of of you.

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“And then the incident where they actually crashed. It was clear for Max in there that it would end up in a crash.”

Wolff goes on to say the stewards need to manage this incident “the right way”, or something more serious could happen in the future.

“If we don’t manage that in the right way, and I’m sure that the stewards will look at it in the right way, this is going to continue.

“We had a high speed [crash] at Silverstone. We had one car ending on top of the other one, on Lewis’ head here.

“So how far can we go? Maybe next time, we have a high-speed crash and lying on each other. If you see the car, the whole thing is damaged over the halo. And the wheel was on Lewis’ head.”

With Max’s wheel running over Lewis’ head, Toto says his driver’s life was saved by the halo.

“The Halo definitely saved Lewis’ life today. It would have been a horrible accident that I don’t want to even think about if we wouldn’t have had the Halo.”

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