Toto Wolff on Lewis Hamilton: “I care for him, he cares for me”

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Toto Wolff says with Lewis Hamilton “sometimes the lion comes out and you hear these angry messages” but later “he is apologetic because he has a big heart”.

In an interview with Channel 4, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has talked about his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, and Lewis’ relationship with the team.

“With Lewis, it was always very much on the same eye level and I would say today that we are friends, but we care,” the Austrian said.

“I care for him, he cares for me and he cares for the team also, and you can see that on many occasions.”

Toto then explained how Lewis sometimes shows his frustration over the radio, but if he feels he went too far, he always apologizes to the team later.

“Sometimes the lion comes out and you hear these angry messages but that is completely normal for a racing driver and he is the one that, after hearing that, he is apologetic because he has a big heart.

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“So, over time, we have just grown together. We are totally transparent with each other and we talk about the future also and I think it is very easy.”

Wolff then explained how he views his position of team principal when dealing with drivers and the team.

“In a way, it was alpha males in a different situation that were put in this together with Niki [Lauda] and the many strong men and women that we have in the team, and it took a few years to synchronise that.

“And it was important to take your own ego out, because what I still see today with team principals and other business leaders is that they are trying to play the power game – ‘I am the team principal and you do what I tell you’,” the Austrian concluded.

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